Obsidian Command – June 30, 2018


Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Aside from the issues around email notifications and the screwy crew manifest images, not much to say on this front.

Crew Updates

We've officially reduced in number to 7 active players, and just added an 8th in the last 24 hours.

We have a decent enough spread but most positions are filled by NPCs at the minute so we're interested in some department heads - for Operations particularly as well as potentially Engineering/Sciences.

Story Elements

We're in a period of downtime to allow a bit of time progression before we start our next plot.

Currently Major Sharpe's forced augmentations have caused a lot of problems for him personally as well as for his close friends and loved ones on the crew. Finally he has returned having had intensive counselling and is reported to be stable, but for how long?
Legal advisor Lt Quinn is dealing with the fallout of Major Sharpe's situation as well as the sudden arrival of a key witness in a high-profile case.
And the new Security department is finding its feet post-restructure, with the department head and his new wife expecting a child, while the newly formed 'Detective' department starts out on its first case.

NEXT: "The Admiral's Daughter" - When a key Starfleet official's daughter elopes to Loki, he is understandably upset. But now she's several days overdue...

Other Information

Post count: A superb 89 mission posts this month, an average of over 7 per user, which is a great improvement. We have a solid core of active players now, probably just looking for a little freshness to keep us at a reasonably high level.

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