– November 9, 2017


Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Not a lot to update here, although the new sim banner is in place and the open positions list changes from time to time. As we get more crew and more NPCs we have to edit the Manifests and get things sorted as far as positions and ranks. This is likely common to most sims.

We are also in the process of adding to our Tour, as I have asked any of our crew to offer up any imagery and suggestions for tour items.

Obsidian Command October 2017 Report 1

Crew Updates

We have found a replacement Executive Officer in Lieutenant Commander Amaya Lance played by Paul. He has hit the ground running and has quickly engaged with all the players IC and OOC. I am grateful to have brought him on board and I know OC will be better for it. Welcome Commander Lance/Paul!

Story Elements

Three missions are now occurring as we move through our first phase of being on OC. First, as mentioned last month, the Puzzle Begins mission is now moving to where our core crew will split up and look for pieces of an ancient Romulan artifact. To what end, only Captain Ovik has an idea.

Obsidian Command October 2017 Report 2

We also have our Marines on War Games training at a nearby planet. They are on call as well just in case for the Naval teams above as well as diplomatic goings-on back on the station.

Obsidian Command October 2017 Report 3

To add to all that, the Joint Fleet Command is hosting a diplomatic party from the Romulan Star Empire regarding the Treaty of Algeron. You will begin to see things heat up there as well. Check out the mission details here.

Other Information

I just want to thank my insanely creative and awesome crew who generate these 79 some posts per month. I am here to guide, and I am not a fast tagger/replier - trust me, my crew will tell you that. But we have such a fun environment and great people - possibly the best sim experience I've had in my simming career.

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