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Obsidian Command – October 2021

Obsidian Command – October 2021

Sim Updates

No major mission changes this month, but we're pushing the mission along nicely now. The delegation has arrived, as has the Diplomatic Corps, to deal with the situation on the planet with the Kalarans'

Crew Updates

No one's come or gone this month. I awarded some service awards, but I'll save the big one's until after the missions completed.

Story Elements

Nothing major that would impact beyond our Simm that I haven't mentioned. We may be the 9th Fleet command station but most of what we're doing IC is very isolated to our little slice of space.

Other Information

Nope. Just happy to be still trucking along.



Submitted By: Sepandiyar
Posted: November 1, 2021 4:21 am
Updated: November 1, 2021