Obsidian Command – October 1, 2018


Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Nothing to report on this front other than that we have formally uprated Obsidian Command to a 15-rating.

Crew Updates

Welcomed aboard two counselors, lost our fighter squadron leader. Promoted our Marine CO to the highest level he can achieve right now.
We've probably got capacity for one or two new players to join us right now, notably in the medical or fighter squadron-type roles.

Story Elements

The conclusion of 'The Admiral's Daughter':
- Discovering the deception, the undercover investigators at the Onyx Hotel were captured by Adam Cross and his associates.
- Obsidian Command's marines/security services deployed to raid the hotel and capture the ringleaders - however Cross himself escaped with one of his brainwashed captives.
- The Admiral's daughter herself was recovered and decided to join the crew out of gratitude.

We're now in a 'downtime' period before we start the next storyline, ominously titled "The Void".

Other Information

Sim posting level: 87 mission logs, an average of 7.25 per player.

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