– September 30, 2017


Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

The main change we had this month was in our security and civilian police area. Carin decided to explore the realm of Federation Civilian Police. Since we have a rather large station on our hands, this will be a great team for civilian matters and other story-telling issues. And in a pinch, they can be used for Starfleet emergencies. This should be fun to see how things unfold.

Crew Updates

As mentioned above, Carin switched to a Police Lieutenant. We are also excited to welcome a new Chief of Security Lieutenant J'Dan Nao played by Kieran. We are excited to have him with us.

Myst is in line to get another recruitment award for helping bring Kieran on!

I am now down an Executive Officer. If you are interested, and can dedicate a good amount of OOC effort to the sim, I welcome applications and inquiries. This is a fun place to be an XO for sure!

Story Elements

We are still on our Puzzle Begins mission (see below). But we are almost done with the briefing which will provide our targets to find these artifacts we're after. It is theorized that the artifacts are related to the Romulan Resistance (complete history still in development) and the schism between them and the RSE. And you can bet that the artifact pieces will not be given up easily. 🙂

Obsidian Command September 2017 Report 1

Other Information

I just have to say my people are AWESOME. Without them this sim would not be successful (and have close to 70 posts this month). I truly appreciate all they do and love that they are enjoying themselves on the sim. Can't wait to see this continue!

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