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Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

I took command of the Pico on 11/30 so one of the biggest challenges this month was getting the website up and running. I am very pleased with how it has turned out. All key elements are up and running. I want to personally thank Kate (Capt Banninga of Langley Station) for all of her hard work in getting Nova loaded and helping me figure out how to use it. And a shout out to Commander Farragut and Commander David for letting me pilfer freely from their sites for ideas!

Crew Updates

Being a brand new sim, we are all new. My CO character was promoted to Commander and there will be a few in character promotions for next month. We have 12 players so far and have filled most of the senior staff positions. Our biggest open position needs are Chief Science Officer, Chief Counselor, and various assistant chief posiitons.

Story Elements

The USS Pico has just undergone a complete refit and is docked at Starbase 375 and is ready for a brand new crew.

The first mission will be threefold:

* Part 1 - crew reporting to Starbase 375. This will comprise Mission Day 1-10 (mission days are not real life days, so this will play out from the opening of the game until approximately January 3rd.)
* Part 2 - A quick shakedown - The crew will have just four days to journey from SB375 to Tagra, that site of their first mission, to complete the shakedown. This will occupy mission days 11-14. (We’ll run this through Jan 17th)
Part 3 - The main mission that the Pico has been assigned to is assisting Tagra IV with their rebuilding efforts. (We will run this part of the first mission from Jan 18th until we finish it up - I anticipate that sometime late February or Early March) Many ships within Obsidian Fleet have been given similar assignments as the Federation continues its coordinated efforts to rebuild after the Dominion War and the Hobus Event. Like many planets Tagra was devastated over the past several years and finds itself on the brink of civil war. The government has pleaded with the Federation to intervene and help them stabilize their world. There is surprisingly little known about the current state of affairs on Tagra as communication with the planet has been sporadic for the past fifteen years

This mission is in line with the meta narrative that several of the sims in TF72 are working on.

Other Information

The game is off to a fantastic start! Since opening up posting on Dec 10th we have had 45 posts and I’m pleased to say that they have all been good quality posts. Every player has posted at least twice and most have posted 4-5 times in just three weeks! There’s a lot of interaction taking place between the writers which has been great to see and has led to some very enjoyable joint posts.

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