Report USS Loki – October 2020

Report USS Loki – October 2020


Sim Updates

We've kicked off and launched our alternate universe sim! Whoop whoop! Go us! We've started recruitment and other ways to make ourselves known to the simming community, and we've already made a bit of a name for ourselves out there 🙂

Crew Updates

All the crew on board is new! We have a Leader, an intel person, Engineer, physician, someone leading the mercenaries and recently added a fighter pilot to the fold! It's going to be awesome.

Story Elements

We're gathering the crew and making our way to the Loki start system so that we can commandeer a vessel for our own nefarious purposes.

Other Information



Submitted By: rottenemu
Posted: November 1, 2020 12:11 pm
Updated: November 1, 2020