S.S. Fawkes – August 2020

S.S. Fawkes – August 2020


Sim Updates

There have been no major goings on, I've made an effort to revitalise the recruitment process by heading over to Reddit. Also was graciously given some other recruitment opportunities and will look to promote the Fawkes through those avenues as well.

Crew Updates

Got two new crew since the last report, a new Master-at-Arms and a Deck Hand. Hopefully will be able to retain them as we continue our search for an Executive Officer (First Mate), a Boatswain, and a Ship's physician.

Due to inactivity, we might lose a crewmember (or 2) in the month of September.

Story Elements

The true nature of the cargo we're carrying is very close to being revealed. After which some moral decision needs to be made before we jump onto Betazed and do some personal development writing before heading off into space again for a new mission! Hopefully we can get around to that new storyline before the end of September!

Other Information



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