USS Sarek – Sim Report – May-19

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USS Sarek – Sim Report – May-19

Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

We've not really had any changes made to the website the last month.

Crew Updates

Our CEO has abruptly left the sim, deleting her account without as much as a "I'm resigning". We are therefor urgently looking for an active and inspiring CEO who'll help us increase activity on the ship.

Commander Sslar S'Weshis has opted to take an ELOA while he evaluates his overal presence in the simming world. We hope he chooses to come back to us at the end of his ELOA.

Commander Wade McKnight has for now returned from his ELOA.

Story Elements

The USS Sarek is tasked with discreetly transporting an officer, critically injured in a failed undercover sting operation, and her young aide from Starbase 122 to Earth for further medical treatment. Things go terribly wrong, when the hidden details are brought to light, and the man who wants her dead tries to finish the job.

we are not involved in anything taskforce or fleet wide.

Other Information

Weve had a relative average month, posts wise.



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