Seabase Aegaeon – November 2020

Seabase Aegaeon – November 2020


Sim Updates

Well... everything is an update. We have moved from Starbase 621 into a much more cozy Lowell-Class Seabase. We have changed the everything about the sim including website (Still a WIP) and the look of our Discord channel. As part of the move, we have started a new mission that is getting us acquainted to the new location on the mostly ocean planet of Daucina.

Crew Updates

We don't have any new players, but a few people have changed positions or characters.
Lieutenant Commander Mattias Kovacs -> Lieutenant Eck'Rhee
Lieutenant Commander Amaya Lance ->Chief Science Officer from Academy Dean

Story Elements

Well, the entire sim changed into a brand new one. We are now living on an Ocean planet with a weird climate. The southern hemisphere is a tropical paradise rivaling Risa while the north is a frozen snowscape. Our base currently site in the more temperate zone along the equator. Our jobs wil be to investigate the planet, explore it's oceans, and advance science.

Other Information

This month was cut short due to time dedicated to creating the new site and making plans around our new stories.



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Posted: December 1, 2020 4:44 pm
Updated: December 1, 2020