USS Vesta – Sep-19

USS Vesta – Sep-19

Task Force 47, Task Group 47B

Sim Updates

Recently the USS Vesta changed Task Forces, assuming command of the Task Group 47-B. Other than that, no major changes to the ship or her presence on the internet have occurred.

Crew Updates

No new crew this month, we have been pretty stable these last few months. That said, we do have an opening in the Chief Tactical/Security Officer role, if someone is interested.

Story Elements

Wrong Place; Right Time: The crew of the Vesta have arrived at Paenope VI, a moon around a gas giant that once was home to a Federation mining colony. Thought abandoned during the Dominion War, the crew discovered there is in fact life still on the planet. Setting up emergency medical facilities and attempting to find a way to iron out the mess of the colony being cut off from the Federation. There is distrust and insecurities across the planet, as power fluctuations and pollution ensure the planet is as hostile as possible.

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