USS Elysium – Sep-19

USS Elysium – Sep-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

Our website is fine. and up to date, though I have been asked about crew shift times, so I may have to add those to the site

Crew Updates

No new crew this month, though we are in need of an assistant chief of Medical as well as a number of other assistant chief roles.

Story Elements

Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
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--> This one is being closed on the 30/9/19

Mission 3: Masquerade
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The USS Elysium is to escort Ambassador T'Prel To Vulcan. And it is urgent. The Elysium has been granted special permission to break normal warp speeds from Warp 6 to warp 8 to shorten the normally 5 day trip to three. But things go south 1 day into it.

The crew have found themselves in very difficult situations with people they normally do not work with. Its going to be fun.

Other Information

Nothing else to report. Its BAU for the Elysium and her crew.



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