USS Sarek – Sep-19

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USS Sarek – Sep-19

Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

There have been some minor back-end changes from what I've been told. Webmaster does a masterful job of keeping the site safe and up to date.

Crew Updates

We've had two new crew join us:
Lieutenant Jonah Masters, CTSO
Ensign Callan Armidale, Intelligence Officer

Commander Sslar S'Weshis has opted to remain as guest writer for the time being due to super busy real life and has thus been reassigned as a diplomatic character.

First Lieutenant Mitzen Coralin has been promoted to Marine Captain.

Story Elements

We are still working on unraveling the identity of our passenger. It's a long and painful process, mostly for those trying to help as the character is currently suffering from memory loss and unstable personality. Thanks to our CMO, we will certainly get there eventually. Meanwhile security is investigating the assault on, and death of two marines.

Other Information

Don't really have much to share at the moment. We're muddling on at a steady pace, though the arrival of some new blood will hopefully liven things up a little.



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