USS Majestic – Sep-19

USS Majestic – Sep-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

We have changed skins but I think we'll be changing again shortly. The biggest news is that we now have two webmasters. Chris aka Lt. Sullivan is helping us out with the new skin and some other design elements. I want to send him a huge thank you here!!!!

Crew Updates

This month we lost our chief counselor but we just had an old player possibly return. Details are still in the works. Our XO, Commander Shev as we like to call him because no one can pronounce his last name ;), was promoted to Commander. Congratulations Shev!

Story Elements

The Majestic has arrived at Claddin V for the negotiations but the crew is still dealing with odd emotional and sometimes physical incidents. No one seems entirely in control of themselves. There's something lurking in the shadows and now three delegations are on board and everyone needs to be on their best behavior. Let the Chaos begin!

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