September Report USS Archimedes

September Report USS Archimedes


Sim Updates

Nothing major on update aside from certain new programs not working in NOVA.

Crew Updates

Lt. JG Yadria Tristen House of Kilrah (Chief Engineer)

Chief Petty Officer Gregory Richards (Nurse to a full Medical staff.)

Story Elements

The crew have encountered the two destroyed Space Stations and two merchant craft destroyed in the process. The Archimedes orbit a Mining installation where the Surface operational structures were bombarded from space. An away team went into tunnels to find 23 survivors in various sates of injury.

Other Information

We have two new players and are bringing them in as though they were on ship at time of departure from Star Base. This is among the first posts of mission and recent departure by ship so it seemed the best way to proceed.



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Posted: October 9, 2020 8:19 am
Updated: October 9, 2020