USS Pioneer – Apr-19

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USS Pioneer – Apr-19

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

The code for the new mod was worked out thanks to the assistance of our Chief of the Boat Andrew Moore. This mod allows for crew awards to be automatically added to the respective bios when they are approved by the CO. The ribbons are added right under the crew member's avatar. I am also working on designing a new skin that will hopefully be unveiled when the sim turns two this October. I would also like to place a request in this report. If there is anyone out there who is exceptional at graphic design please contact me.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
It is said that all good things must come to an end. So the streak of no one leaving the Pioneer ends this month. Unfortunately due to a lack of response to posts Lieutenant Jomaus Miex CFCO was let go from the sim.

Leave of Absence
Our Chief Medical Officer Dr Richard Ballston has been placed on Extended Leave of Absence.
Our Ship's Counselor Amelia Zano has requested a Leave of Absence for personal reasons
Our HUMINT Agent William Jackson has been placed on a Leave of Absence due to some work related conflicts.

New Crew Members
When someone leaves it is always nice to have fresh faces to join and take their place. The USS Pioneer would like to welcome Lieutenant Junior Grade Ameri Ó Flannagáin who will be our Assistant Chief Science Officer and Stellar Cartographer. She is also the spouse to our XO so that should present some interesting stories.

We also would like to welcome Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister who takes the helm as Chief Flight Control Officer. It is a nice reunion with Hollister, I had the pleasure of writing with this simmer a while back and now I am looking forward to writing with them again.

Promotions & Awards
There are no promotions or awards to give at this time. However, the crew is busy nominating and when the next report is filed there should be a nice round of awards to give as we close out the current mission.

Open Positions
Captain's Yeoman
Marine Positions
All Enlisted Positions/Junior Officer Positions

Story Elements

The mission "Old Habits Die Hard" comes to a climax as the the three teams from the Pioneer converge. The USS Pioneer with the Captain leading a skeleton crew has gone to Blue Alert. The ship has landed something that Malbrooke swore he would never due. However, the ship was ambushed by a group calling it self the New Maquis. In a strange turn of events they were working with a group of Cardassians calling itself the Order. Needless to say the Pioneer got hammered and was forced into an emergency landing.

Meanwhile, an away team being led by the Pioneer's XO Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin has infiltrated the Cardassian main government complex on Cardassia Prime. It seems here that a coup was underway and the CDF has requested the assistance of the Pioneer in restoring order. The Commander and his team have discovered that here too the group known as The Order has taken hold and managed to usurp the government from within. The Commander's team formulates a plan to oust the Order and restore the proper government. To achieve this goal the team has taken a divide and conquer approach and they have split up within the complex.

The third team is being led by the Pioneer's Chief of the Boat. They are hot on the tail of the man that is believed to be behind this coup and the Order. A Cardassian named Typhon Prenar. He is the former head of the Obsidian Order and has been on the run ever since the end of the Dominion War. The team got a little too overconfident and as a result they must now fight and rescue one of their own. Second Lieutenant Cornelius Tremble the CO of the Pioneer's Marine outfit known as The Cure has been captured. It seems that he has turned on his friends and crew mates as he attacks his would be saviors.

Over the next month it is expected that this mission will come to an end and our intrepid crew will have to deal with the repercussions when Old Habits Die Hard.

Post Count: 40
Playing Characters: 19
New Players: 2
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

This month seems like a slow month for the Pioneer, and in comparison to other months it is. However, this mission is more large joint posts then single posts, so I am overjoyed at the numbers. It shows that the crew is interested in the mission and the stories that we are telling. As a GM I have also learned a valuable lesson from this mission. Missions that deal with a lot of large joint posts are not for everyone and can slow down posting. That said when the Pioneer enters it's next mission I will definitely take that into advisement. All in all the USS Pioneer is moving onward and upward as we are halfway through our second year.



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