USS Nogura -Sim Report – Apr-19

USS Nogura -Sim Report – Apr-19

Task Force 72, Task Force 72 Command

Sim Updates

There was no major changes to the simm's website, aside from a new skin and refreshed the default pips on the site. Other changes to include a new image on the main page, and changing the wording of the welcome message. As I have said before, why reinvent the wheel. Unless it's broke don't fix it.!!

Crew Updates

Crew Gained:
Lieutenant JG Hiro Yoshida - Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Crew Lost:
Lieutenant JG Dmitri Moon - Chief of Science

Lt JG Sara'draphia T'eseri to the rank of full Lieutenant
Commodore Neil Harrington to the rank of Rear Admiral

Story Elements

We are in the process of completing our Mirror Universe mission, and we will be moving onto a shoreleave mission to Risa

Title: From Risa With Love

Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation, even the crew of the Nogura. Fresh from their adventures in the Mirror Universe, Neil orders the ship to the planet Risa. Docking the ship with the orbital shipyard above, Admiral Harrington gives the crew the much-needed vacation they have earned. With nothing but beaches, sun, drinks, and whatever else the heart desire the crew of the Nogura forget their troubles on the pleasure planet, Risa.

Other Information

Overall another great month, I was very happy with the overall involvement from the crew during this mission; especially given some of the changes that took place. I have a good solid crew, and I am very pleased with their dedication to the game. Only great things in store for the rest of 2019!



Submitted By: harrington
Posted: May 2, 2019 3:40 am
Updated: May 2, 2019