USS Andromeda – Apr-19

USS Andromeda – Apr-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

Welcome message, Simm message added. Deck listing completed and made a start on tour items. Also some awards added to awards page.

Crew Updates

New Crew members this month were the XO, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Science Officer and Chief of Strategic Ops.
Positions still open are: Chief Flight control officer, Chief of Operations, Chief Science officer, Chief Counselor, Chief Intelligence Officer, Chief Diplomatic Officer and numerous assistant positions.

Story Elements

We have begun a shakedown mission docked at Starbase. While the ship gets it final modifications and upgrades the crew are reporting in and getting to know each other. We are also attending a diplomatic party which has just had a rogue faction of So'Na crash the party and a bomb go off!

Other Information

Post Count: 8 joint posts (12 Participation).
Playing Characters: 6
New Players: 5
Pending Applications: 0



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