Sim Report – USS Defiant – Apr-19

Sim Report – USS Defiant – Apr-19

Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

Finally implemented our website update for the "Season 3" premise. This came with some updates to crew quarters, tours, and site visuals.

I've also begun the process of updating our Specifications to fit the Star Trek Beyond era stats of the ship. This process will probably be on going.

Crew Updates

We've had quite a bit of turn over this month.

In addition to growing our NPCs, we've added Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay as Chief Medical Officer. We also have another player in the final drafting stages of an Intelligence Officer.

Positions we'd like to highlight:
Chief Engineer
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
One of our Science Specialists Positions (or a position upon request)

Story Elements

Defiant's Season 3 has finally come to a close, ending with the conclusion of Episode 5: Better Angels.
Disabling the rogue USS Indomitable through some creative and exposing the parasite infiltration, the crew have managed to prevent the attempted genocide of the Klingon race and establish an uneasy peace between the two major powers. The Marine Officer, who had been host to the parasite queen, was eliminated and her last ditch attempt to release a biological weapon stopped.

Returning to Earth for some much needed R&R, the crew have a brief time to breathe. However, it won't last forever. Long Range Starfleet Telemetry has spotted an extragalactic object headed toward the Milky Way. In an effort to uncover what the object is, Starfleet wants to send a vessel to its point of entry, beyond the Federation borders and into uncharted space. Defiant's crew don't know it yet, but they are about to go farther from home than they've ever been before.

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