USS Rhea – December 31, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

With it being December, we didn't do much updating. We merely did a little bit of planning, which will be noted in the Story section.

Crew Updates

We had two new additions to our crew, both in the Medical Department strangely enough. No one left this month either.

Both Lieutenant Uhl Nosigo, our CMO, and Lieutenant JG Maggie Barnes, our newest medical resident, were welcomed to our crew and have hit the ground running.

Story Elements

We are currently opening out second mission in our second season. In what is supposed to see the Rhea become a glorified Uber for an ambassador will turn out to be a bit more complicated. Part of the current mission's uniqueness will be making our antagonists a playable component. They are meant to be a radically nationalist Federation political party that is taking steps to becoming a terrorist group, tired of the Federation weakening itself in order to build up its enemies. Deeming themselves loyalists, they will force the Federation to hear them.

Other Information

With it being December, we have taken a more relaxed approach with a few LOAs and people being understandably slow to post. With that stated, I feel like we had a great month anyway. Here are our stats:

Users 11
Playing Characters 11
Mission Posts 40
Totals 40
Avg Mission Posts / User† - 3.64

Applications: 2
Pending: 0
Approved: 2
Declined: 0

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