Haumea Colony – Jun-19

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Haumea Colony – Jun-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

We've made minor strides in recruitment, and the simm has received minor updates on the back-end via lore and building up on certain plot points. We're having a restructure of both engineering and operations, as the colony needs clear lines on where and what they're all supposed to do. Otherwise, a calm month on the sim update front.

Crew Updates

We've had a few confusing shifts, but we do have a new member! Dan has come on to play Jessica Stevens, our new civilian logistics manager! We're working through obtaining at least one other member soon as well. Until then, our open positions are as follows:

Open Starfleet Positions

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief of Science
Chief Microbiologist
Multiple Sub Departmental Science Chiefs
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief of Strategic Operations

Open Civilian Positions
Head of Medical
Head of Engineering
Chief Logistician
Business Owners!

If you see this and find yourself interested, please drop me a line or find me on the main OF discord!

Story Elements

The simulation is slowly working its way to Canary, which is our newest mission that jettisons us midway through the new Fleet Canon year. There's a dispute between civilian and Starfleet science teams and it causes such a stir that Starfleet Intelligence gets itself involved. Why? Come peek in and find out!

Other Information

Our posts are going on pretty strong, membership is up, and overall the site is going pretty well!



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