USS Elysium Sim Report – Jun-19

USS Elysium Sim Report – Jun-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

There has been no changes to our internet presence. Our website is up to date and correct in accordance with OF policy and procedure.

Crew Updates

We have had a member meet their 6 months with us and one who has been with us for a year.
Lieutenant Kara Hoffman - 1 year
Lieutenant Danica Kovitz - 6 months

We lost our Chief counselor, and Assistant Chief counselor this month. We also lost our Ambassador. These positions are open for new players.

No promotions this month, but we are in the middle of a mission, so it may happen after that.

Story Elements

Our Current Mission: Episode 1: "Hell is a four letter word" - CO notes never to go on Vacation without the full crew ever again
Upcoming mission: Episode 2: "Heaven on Earth - R&R" - The crew returns to Earth for R&R

Other Information

Open Positions:
Chief Counselor
Ambassador of The Federation
Chief Strategic Defense Officer
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief of Operations
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
Assistant Chief Counselor

Simulation Statistics for June 2019:

Users 23 (1 Lurker)
Playing Characters 23(1 Lurker)
NPCs 32
Mission Posts 123
Personal Logs 2
Totals 125
Avg Mission Posts / User† 5.35
Avg Personal Logs / User† 0.09
Avg Entries / User† 5.43



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