Sim Report – Jun-19

Sim Report – Jun-19

Task Force 47, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Insofar I know there has been a server update. A few links will still need changing once I know where to link TF29 to.

Crew Updates

We don't have any new crewmembers. Commander Se'Lah is on LOA due to medical procedures done, Commander S'Weshish is still on LOA while he works out whether he'd like to remain writing or is going to leave after all.

Story Elements

The USS Sarek is tasked with discreetly transporting an officer, critically injured in a failed undercover sting operation, and her young aide from Starbase 122 to Earth for further medical treatment. Things go terribly wrong, when the hidden details are brought to light, and the man who wants her dead tries to finish the job.

This officer's identity will ultimately be revealed, once medical, security and counseling are through with her.

Other Information

We've had a bit more activity this month, compared to last month and I'm hoping that our mission will continue to spark creativity even though I find I'm having a little trouble spurring people into writing smaller posts with each other. Its as if people are banking on the large (seemingly never ending) involve all crew posts.



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