USS Majestic – Sim Report – May-19

USS Majestic – Sim Report – May-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

No updates to the website. We did try a little of social media recruitment. Award image still needs uploaded, hopefully the first part of next week.

Crew Updates

We lost a crew member, or at least he's stepping back to re-evaluate things. And we gained a chief counselor. So all in all we're the same as we were.

One of our players is moving from Intelligence to Security.

We have a few open positions left and we're always looking for new blood to spice things up.

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer

Story Elements

This mission hasn't been as active as expected so we're going to wrap it up quickly by getting our away team off the planet and finding the cause of the planet phasing. And then, move onto something else. Our next mission involves strange things happening to the crew as they sleep, an ache here, an ache there . . . Slowly the crew begins to remember that everything is not as it seems. What could possibly be the cause?!

But First we have a wedding (technically a vow renewal ceremony) for our very own Captain Saulitis and her mysterious new husband Hak!

Also, we have a little issue with a streaker on board. The unnamed crewmember has been seen (almost) twice now and we've yet to catch him. The hunt is on to catch him, find out who he is and why he's doing this. I plan to do a news item about this when the crewmember is sighted again. See upcoming post!

Other Information



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