Haumea Colony – May-19

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Haumea Colony – May-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

The simulation is plugging along nicely! While there haven't been major changes, I'm moving forward to slowly recruit one on one and through other means. I'd love to find more means to recruit than one way or another, and I've already made a few steps toward that. Hopefully we'll have plenty of recruits to talk about next month!

Crew Updates

We've added Lieutenant JG Lillian James as our Assistant Chief of Security and part time Science Officer to the group! Yay! Unfortunately, we had to remove our Chief of Engineering as well as our Chief of Science due to unforeseen life reasons.

Open Starfleet Positions

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief of Science
Chief Microbiologist
Multiple Sub Departmental Science Chiefs
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief of Strategic Operations

Open Civilian Positions
Council Members!
Heads of Civilian Stations!
Business Owners!

And as always, we're open to any idea that comes to our doors.

Story Elements

We're finishing up our Deep Freeze mission. It's a slower going than I would like, but I'd rather spend the time on making it a good mission end than on finishing it quickly. Soon we'll have our first piece of fauna lore to add to the system, the cute and adorable little Daucin!

Next mission is upcoming, but the crew will be uncovering part of the mystery involved with Kane Colony, the colony that existed before Haumea.

Other Information

Post Count is up to ten this month, with a small handful as part of the Snow Birds shore leave that the Vesta had this month.



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