USS Vesta Sim Report – May-19

USS Vesta Sim Report – May-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

The website has been pretty awesome and stable, so we haven't done a lot of advertising (or any). As for real changes to us on the internet, we did complete a short jaunt over to Haumea Colony, where we had a wonderful opportunity to meet some of their crew and make some new friends.

Crew Updates

Alas, we had to lose Kate, who played LT. John Evans, our Chief Security and Tactical Officer, due to needing to focus on her life and other sims. We wish her well in the future endeavours! At the moment we are not actively hunting for new crew, but we are always open to new people, so if you are interested, let us know!

Story Elements

Having completed the layover at Haumea Colony, while headed for a patrol of the Cardassian Neutral Zone, we have received a distress signal, leading us to our next missions, "Wrong Place, Right Time."

"The USS Vesta responds to a Civilian Freighter, disabled in space, not far from the former Federation colony of Paenope VI, a moon orbiting a gas giant. Once a farming planet and processing facility for the Helium-3 of the Paenope itself. Considered abandoned after devastating attacks on the facilities during the Dominion War, the Vesta crew investigate as to why a freighter was out here, leading to a discovery that will call into questions many of the ideals of the Federation."

Other Information

Been a great month for the Vesta in terms of plot development and working on some great interpersonal relationship! We have been up from our usual posting numbers, and heading into the summer we are hoping to keep those numbers up!



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