SS Fawkes – Aug-19

SS Fawkes – Aug-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

Some background work is going on to improve the look and feel of the website. Currently no major changes are visible on the site yet. Addiotnally we're adding a new batch of achievements for the current mission. Additionally, we've found some different places to advertise our game and attract new crew.

Crew Updates

The first highlight in our crew update is the fact that the writer for Alexandria, our navigator, has been with us for a year now. A true original Fawksian! We're very happy to still have her around and always really appreciate her entries into the storyline!
There has been some shuffles going on with a few people leaving and then some people signing up. We lost our First mate due to real life commitments. Luckily that role has been filled back up with a very energetic and enthusiastic new player. We also found a Ship's physician and the Signaller role has also been filled with two truly unique characters!
On the Fawkes we can truly say that we pride ourselves for our diversity!
We have decided to open up the Able Deck Hand positions for applications as well, previously a fully NPC driven role, the able deck hand has enough opportunities for players to explore their characters and would give us an opportunity for in-house promotions and 'back up' in case a player for a senior position leaves.
The only senior position left open is Master-at-Arms, which I'm hoping to fill with a new wave of advertisement in September.

Story Elements

Currently we're reeling from the fact that one of our crewmembers is kidnapped. The kidnappers have reached out and put forth their demands. These demands are pushing us off the straight and narrow, where back in the shadows Mayterial and her crew will have to face some demons from the past.

Other Information

Activity has picked back up and everyone has taken an active role in the recent posts. Everyone has contributed and remains committed to the Fawkes.



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