SS Fawkes – November 4, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

I have added a large amount of information on the usage of Gold Pressed Latinum on the site. This database entry will keep growing as more references to its value is being made on the sim. It's an important aspect of the civilian side of the Federation and I feel it adds consistency and realism to the proceedings.

I've also announced the launch of achievements to give the crew an incentive to write interesting story lines and keep developing their characters and our game as a whole. We will launch the use of our first storyline. Something that I've had to postpone due to personal distraction for myself and the rest of the crew.

Crew Updates

After doing a roll call I've unfortunately had to let two players go. After which one of the remaining players made the switch to Ship's Physician. As it stands there's two open positions available on the Fawkes:
Quartermaster - This position is comparable to the Chief of Operations on Starfleet vessels. The quartermaster is responsible for the resource management of the Fawkes, in the broadest sense of the word. Power supply, food supply, lodging, tools, and special arrangements for passengers.
Signaller - The signaller on the Fawkes is a specialist in communications, both ship-to-ship and face-to-face. An important role is to assure proper etiquette and conduct when handling business with all the different cultures around the alpha quadrant. In essence the perfect combination between a communications specialist, a diplomat, a business person, and a PR guru.

Story Elements

We've finished the gathering of crew and repairs section of the initial start up mission and have planted seeds for the first proper cargo run of the Fawkes. The MacGuffin is being brought aboard as we speak and we'll be heading in the direction of Langley Station before long. Currently working on the post that launches us into space before long.

Other Information

Wea re going slow and steady, putting quality above quantity. Everything that I'm building is aimed with this in mind. This might mean that there's less activity In-Character from month to month, but it'll mean that everyone in involved and that a certain level of realism, immersion and consistency can be assured.

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