SS Mary Rose – August 29, 2017

Task Force 72, Task Force 72 Command

Sim Updates

Manifest being updated to reflect a more civilian feel to the ship.

Crew Updates

This month I am happy to introduce two new players to our Simm after losing one due to awol-ness. We've had a change of Chief Engineer from Bradon Gordon to Andros and added another Security personnel in the form of M'lara Korat.

Story Elements

Combustion Current mission Count: 75

An explosion has gone off in the cargo bay destroying the cargo that SS Mary Rose was carrying. Who caused it? And why do the owners of the cargo seem not to be worried that they no longer have the items they were travelling with for the wedding of their daughter?

We are moving into the investigation and end of this mission but as with any criminal investigation, there are still a few red herrings left to throw at the crew.

Other Information

A slightly slower month than the previous but with bringing in two new crew and Co being ill for well on three weeks it is to be expected but I am proud of the 30 odd posts that had been written this month and all the ones in production.

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