SS Mary Rose – August- 2020

SS Mary Rose – August- 2020


Sim Updates

Not much has changed other than putting stuff back that we have lost over time like our achievements. We are also changing all our imagery from Taskforce 72 to IFO as we are heading back there due to CO now becoming part of Joint Fleet Command.

Crew Updates

New Players:

Change of Characters:
Jasper Offerman - Moved from Operations to Operation Chief

Loss of Player:
Fordyce Kirschler

Current Open Positions:

Chief Medical Officer - Urgent
Chief Armoury Officer - Urgent
Chief of the Boat
Safety Officers
Civilian Coordinator

Story Elements

We have a more of an open universe concept going on. Mirror Universe continuation, Character development of 2246 characters, Side plots but the main two are::


The crew of Rosie are tasked with delivering items to a refugee world when they get word from the Fenris Rangers that they need help searching for a refugee ship. On the way to the meeting point of another ship tasked to assist with the search, the crew find them in an awkward situation of swapping bodies with other members of the crew.

How did that happen and how do they fix it back to allow them to their jobs?

Other Mission Stuff
Joint mission with our NPC TGCO ship with Heimdall Station. Really getting our teeth into having some fun with the crew over there with a few of us having crew on both.

Other Information

So impressed that our little ship produced 27 thousand words. My crew make me more and more proud every month. We are about to hit 900 posts and will be highlighting that next month.



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