SS Mary Rose – December 30, 2017

Task Force 72, Task Force 72 Command

Sim Updates

Nothing really has been updated on our site or presence on the internet apart from we now have a brand new graphic for the fleet-wide image update. It looks lovely and refreshing, it has been updated everywhere it needs to be. After two years the site doesn't need much updating apart from minor updates and prettying up.

Crew Updates

New Players:
No new Players
Change of Characters:
Executive Officer from Alika Mahone to Valiyi Uhin and
Pilot Amelia Harkness changed to Medical Personnel Catelyn O'Mally

Loss of Player:
We’ve sadly loss our Chief of Engineer due to real life but we wish him well and hope he will return in the future. Lots of interest about this position due to Rosie and her uniqueness.

Current Open Positions:
Chief Engineering Officer Urgent
Chief Operations Officer Urgent
Science Personnel
Guests/Paying passengers
2246 Starfleet Officers - Very exciting opportunity for some really good plots

That is not to say other positions are not available but these are the ones that we are looking to be filled at the moment to add variety.

Story Elements

Very exciting time for Rosie, new and old crew are meeting and resolving a massive part of ship history. Why did the Federation crew disappear in 2246? Two ongoing missions, one for the action, one for the character development of 2246 characters. Things are developing nicely with lots of joint posts about to be finished in 2246.


[color=#FFFFFF]After a few routine cargo hauls the crew of SS Mary Rose start to open up more areas of the ship as the crew grows. After starting repairs on the oldest area of the ship to open up more areas for use, the crew start to hear random voices all over the ship repeating the phrase ‘Don’t let it out’. What is it? Why are voices suddenly whispering about it? And worst of all why does the computer suddenly think there are more biosignatures on the ship than there actually is? [/color]


[color=#FFFFFF]Before Voyager, Before the Enterprise there was Ishimura.[/color]

Other Information

A much busier time than expected despite implementation of Christmas posting rules where we literally expected nothing until January 3rd. It seemed my crew refused to slow down and wanted to get on with things in there usual uniqueness that comes with Rosie. There has been plenty of chatter on Discord over plots and joint posts, it is a joy to see people who haven't interacted much before starting to do so creating some really interesting plots and character interaction.

It has been mentioned in a discussion elsewhere of the opportunity of cross simm posts which I am more than happy to make happen if people want to write with some of the civilian crew of SS Mary Rose.

Post Count: 30
Playing Characters 10
New Players: 0
Pending Applications: 0

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