SS Mary Rose – Jul-18

SS Mary Rose – Jul-18

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

There hasn't been much added to the website as a whole apart from we are adding an NPC Federation Ship to reflect the sims status as flagship of 72-B - giving us a proper voice to communicate that isn't Rosie being the bad guys in a plot (we might be a bit dodgy but hearts in the right place). It will allow our task group to write stories together, which has started with the SS Fawkes.

This will be discussed more next month.

Crew Updates

New Players:
K'Taal - Communications
Change of Characters:
None this month
Loss of Player:
Kenda – 2246 Crewmember - Resigned
Quang Tran - Quartermaster - Resigned
Lorenzo Di Julio - AWOL

Any crew that leaves will be more than welcome back at any point if circumstances change as we understand that RL can get on top of things sometimes.

Current Open Positions:
Civilian Director Urgent
Safety OfficerUrgent
Science Personnel
Guests/Paying passengers

That is not to say other positions are not available but these are the ones that we are looking to be filled at the moment to add variety.

Story Elements

SS Mary Rose - Jul-18Two ongoing missions, one for the action, one for the character development of 2246 characters.


[color=#FFFFFF] The SS Mary Rose is dead in the water with the warp core offline. No one can figure out why but things just aren’t right onboard her and haven’t been since Azzia. Suspicions and accusations are getting out of hand that there is a saboteur onboard when the ship starts moving again but the helm is locked out. [/color]


[color=#FFFFFF]Before Voyager, Before the Enterprise there was Ishimura.[/color]

Other Information

It has been a steady month with a little more crew movement than we would like but it is summer and is to be expected. We are looking forward to our big birthday two-year mission and some very big revelations about the ship and the crew.

Post Count: 48
Playing Characters 11
New Players: 1
Pending Applications: 0



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