SS Mary Rose – June- 2020

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SS Mary Rose – June- 2020


Sim Updates

New skin! It's been talked about and talked about but we are so happy to finally see the orange and black in all its glory. We are also changing all our imagery from Taskforce 72 to IFO as we are heading back there due to CO now becoming part of Joint Fleet Command.

Crew Updates

New Players:

Change of Characters:

Loss of Player:
Dodian Carli
Quinton Sarratt

Current Open Positions:

Chief Medical Officer - Urgent
Chief of the Boat
Safety Officers
Civilian Coordinator

Story Elements

We have a more of an open universe concept going on. Mirror Universe continuation, Character development of 2246 characters, Side plots but the main two are::


SS Mary Rosie is contracted to deliver cargo to a remote civilian mining colony, part of the cargo is actually illicit goods being smuggled to a non-federation species. Who is the owner of the goods and why are they smuggling them using SS Mary Rose of all ships?

Events quickly unravel when the Captain disappears in what seems like a violent struggle with blood found. What are the crew going to do with the illicit goods and how are they going to find Gregnol?

Other Mission Stuff
Joint mission with our NPC TGCO ship with Heimdall Station. Really getting our teeth into having some fun with the crew over there with a few of us having crew on both.

Other Information

Post Count: 23 joint posts (69 Participation). Word count was 37,037. Truly epic month.
Playing Characters: 8
New Players: 0
Pending Applications: 0



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