SS Mary Rose – April- 2020

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SS Mary Rose – April- 2020


Sim Updates

Nothing really changed or updated. Why fix what isn't broken as the old saying goes but new skin in about 75% done to freshen us up a little but it will not be revealed until absolutely happy with it. Major focuses have been on the story and plots as we go from one mission to another.

Crew Updates

New Players:
Anthony Cardel - Currently a Civillian that will become Boatswain.

Change of Characters:

Loss of Player:
None - But two crewmembers on extended LOA

Current Open Positions:

Chief of the Boat
Safety Officers
Civilian Coordinator


Liha t'Ehhelih
I truly enjoy the banter and story that is being developed between our characters. I have learned so much about my own character, through my interactions with my favorite Romulan. Outside of this NPC, the player is talented, humorous, and very involved. That is a rare treat on most games. I can't wait to see some of the ideas that this player has morphed into reality and well, honestly to continue our banter together. I would consider this player to be "one of" my favorite players to JP with.
Hard to pick between Liha and Quinton. Together they've been a hoot! XD


Eden Bowers
I just find it fun to read Eden. She and Stan were fun.
Quinton Sarratt
Perfect grouchy starship Doctor in best DeForest Kelly tradition. I have so enjoyed writing with him.


Paul has been a breath of fresh air and one of the people who have joined in the tail end of last year who had reinvigaroted Rosie and brought it back to its best after a string of bad luck. So lucky to have him as part of my crew when people say such nice things like this about him::
Paul is an excellent and active writer, and he's made me feel welcome on the ship. He does a great job of embracing the "yes and" aspect of JPs to help keep the flow going and advance the story.’.

Story Elements

We have a more of an open universe concept going on. Mirror Universe continuation, Character development of 2246 characters, Side plots but the main two are::


SS Mary Rosie is contracted to deliver cargo to a remote civilian mining colony, part of the cargo is actually illicit goods being smuggled to a non-federation species. Who is the owner of the goods and why are they smuggling them using SS Mary Rose of all ships?

Events quickly unravel when the Captain disappears in what seems like a violent struggle with blood found. What are the crew going to do with the illicit goods and how are they going to find Gregnol?
Other Mission Stuff
Joint mission with our NPC TGCO ship with Heimdall Station. Really getting our teeth into having some fun with the crew over there with a few of us having crew on both.

Other Information

Post Count: 23 joint posts (62 Participation).
Playing Characters: 13
New Players: 1
Pending Applications: 0



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