SS Mary Rose – September 30, 2017

Task Force 72, Task Force 72 Command

Sim Updates

Nothing added or changed to the website. Changes are afoot to the ship reflecting the current mission and the fact the ship is already modified to bring it back inline with normal specs. Twitter account added for Rosie (it's in the testing phase to see how it goes and if it is useful.)

Crew Updates

We have added two new Crew members Engineering Chief Draia Theroh and Paul Cullars as another Hydroponics Operator to make sure the crew is fed both much-welcomed players to our community. Two players have been removed due to inactivity or other problems.


Olsam Mott - Awarded one-year service award
Quang Tran - Awarded six months service aware
Additional awards will follow at the onset of the next adventure.

Open Positions:

Civilian Director
Guest/Paying passengers

That is not to say other positions are not available but these are the ones that we are looking to be filled at the moment to add variety.

Story Elements

Combustion Current mission Count: 129 (2nd biggest mission so far and still going)

An explosion has gone off in the cargo bay destroying the cargo that SS Mary Rose was carrying. Who caused it? And why do the owners of the cargo seem not to be worried that they no longer have the items they were travelling with for the wedding of their daughter?

The red herrings have all been figured out and the bomber is about to be arrested and SS Mary Rose will finally get to a safe harbour to begin some repairs and how a much-needed rest and drink.

Other Information

We are moving onto our next mission from the 5th October. It will be announced 1st October along with a writing competition for the crew.

Users 9
Playing Characters 9
NPCs 12

Mission Posts 54
Avg Mission Posts / User 6

All in all, we have had a fantastic month and increased posting by nearly double the previous few months in some cases and there are still plenty of posts still in the works for the last bit of this mission.

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