Vanished Colony April 2020

Vanished Colony April 2020


Sim Updates

The site went through a few changes this month as it relates to the skin, we were trying to get something unique that fit the theme of the game. Other than that, nothing too major to report for the month of April

Crew Updates

No crew was gained or lost this month, and currently, there are no awards to report. Given the nature of the game, and it's setting, there is not going to be any promotions for this game.

Player Clastia was promoted to 2XO, in an OOC status to help the Command Staff get things back on track and active.

Story Elements

We were able to wrap up this in the first mission, for the setting and the eventual crash. Here soon we will move things forward to landing on the planet and getting base camp set up.

Other Information

This wasn't our greatest month, but the Command Staff has met and we have things in place to get the game back on track and active. Our hope is to see all players active and posting by the end of May and to send out recruitment adverts this month to bring some new players into the game.



Submitted By: harrington
Posted: May 1, 2020 4:24 pm
Updated: June 27, 2020