Starbase 50 May 2020 Report

Starbase 50 May 2020 Report


Sim Updates

Nothing to major to the site to update this month. Most of the work to the site was just upkeep and maintenance. We did update a few links, fix broken links, etc.

Crew Updates

New Crew:
Lieutenant JG An'dalus, Science Officer
A'Koja Dea, Civilian
Jason Wayne, Civilian
We have 2 pending applications still being reviewed and they will be included in next month's report.

Members Lost: 0

Story Elements

Mission Title: Cordially Invited

Summary: As things settle down, getting back to normal is the only goal on the station. However, for this crew normal is just a relative term; and things are far from normal.. A representative of the Aquilian Government had formally invited the staff to join in a local celebration on the planet below. It's dress uniforms and best behaviors for the crew as Admiral Harrington and staff attend the celebration of Ra-mok Tua. A ceremony of unification and bonding, Ra-mok Tua is a deeply religious event steeped in tradition and meaning. Encouraged to make an appearance, the crew is briefed on the dos and don'ts for such a respected, hallowed ceremony. But do things really go as planned on this station?

What started as an innocent act lands Harrington in an Aquilian prison. Forced to assume leadership, yet again, the very undiplomatic Captain Rice must rely on his trained staff to diplomatically build bridges and make peace with the Aquil. As the dust settles, another big event hits the crew that has the power to change a great many things.

Other Information

Players: 13
Posts Count
-Participation: 65
Avg Mission Posts / User: 1.92



Submitted By: harrington
Posted: June 2, 2020 3:22 am
Updated: June 2, 2020