Starbase 621 – July 2020

Starbase 621 – July 2020


Sim Updates

This was a bit of crazy month in the sense of RL. Work got the better of me as we had some employees furloughed and had to make up for missing much of our workforce. Now that they are back, my sim has spent some time managing some behind the scenes aspects. We are in the process of kicking off a short Tech Conference Mission before really kicking off our Sons of Cheron arc.

Crew Updates

We got new member to the sim this month. We are pleased to welcome:
Lieutenant Jarrett Moore - Chief Security Officer

Story Elements

Like I mentioned earlier, I was LOA for most of the month. Most of the work this month has been on tweaking some under the hood management and plot elements. We are kicking off an artifact hunt for on the planet Osiris' surface and welcoming some of TF 72's Captains for a Tech Conference. Our cadets will embark on their first adventure on the Academy's new Nova.

However, our biggest addition came in the Cetacean Operations center and public aquarium. I'm really proud of the crew for coming up with their own idea and running with it.

Other Information

It was an off month for me, but the crew really shined in their creativity. I look forward to seeing what they can do as we kick off the Sons of Cheron plot theat serves as the basis for Phase 1 of the Simematic Universe.



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Posted: August 1, 2020 8:48 pm
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