Starbase 621 – March – 2020

Starbase 621 – March – 2020


Sim Updates

I did not add anything new to the site, but we are fairly close to ending the current mission.

Crew Updates

We have added a new crewmember in Ensign Vartisha Phyass

Story Elements

The station's crew has been divided into a few groups that are trying to save the station in various ways. We have our engineers and scientists who are trying to combat a chemical leak while suffering from the adverse effects from the chemical release. Our security and intelligence staff is trying to investigate the bombing sites so that we can link the attacks to a known or unknown group. All the while, our cadets are set to save the station from a threat that only they have identified. With the station's internal sensors down, our cadets have discovered that the fusion reactors are dangerously close to going critical and it is their job to prevent an explosion.

Other Information

Honestly, it was a rough month. I had to navigate a change in work schedule as well as my own personal stress about the world around us. As such, activity was significantly down from normal.

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