Starbase 621 – October 2020

Starbase 621 – October 2020


Sim Updates

We are in the midst of a huge update. I can't yet mention what it is because it is still awaiting approval from the higher-ups *cough cough*. So, I hope I get to write a novel here for next month.

Crew Updates

We haven't had any updates here for the month of October, but if things get approved this will be another large update for November.

Story Elements

We are in the middle of a mission, but with the changes that I hope coming down the pipeline...

We have the beginnings of a virus outbreak in Cetacean Ops as well as a tense situation on Osiris III as two colonies' rivalry begins to escalate.

Other Information



Submitted By: sylar_ryan
Posted: October 31, 2020 8:36 pm
Updated: November 2, 2020