– November 1, 2017


Task Force 47, Task Group 47B

Sim Updates

I managed to change the header to the sim with the new TF47 logom replacing the TF72 that was there previously. I haven't done much else to the sim in the way of changes.

Crew Updates

Two crew members have left the sim, and we wish them both the very best. Lieutenant Marion Kent, Chief of R&D, and Lieutenant jg Roxanne LeCoeur, the station's Chief Diplomatic officer.

Story Elements

The sim is still exploring the planet Cheron, and the local factions that have been displaced from all corners of the galaxy. The system is also being explored and patrolled to keep the shipping lanes clear and to deter pirates or other miscreants from the area. There are three other side-plots happening as well. One is constant and it is a permanent mission tab for Starbase life.
1) Life on a starbase is far from dull, and if the players are wanting, there is tremendous character building opportunities. I leave this tab open because not every post is about saving lives of the system or the even the federation. Sometimes going out to lunch with a new date, or taking your kids to class, or having family visit from back home happen.

2)The other is the voyage back to Earth for Rear-Admiral Hurin, to answer for the bombings that claimed hundreds of lives on the station. He will of course resign his commission, but we are exploring how and what will lead up to his final decision to enter civilian life.

3) The final is a Halloween party and trick or treating posts...because why not!?

Other Information

The sim managed to pass over that 100 post count for only the second time, and surpassed that previous record. With close to 120 posts, and most of them fairly decent sized JP's, I couldn't be more happy for the crew and proud of their accomplishment. The crew is heavily involved into the mission and all the departments have plenty of something to post about.

I am also working on an added manifest for another sim as the Station will be having visitors from another sim dock with us. I am eager to have that happen, but more on that later.

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Posted: November 1, 2017 1:46 am
Updated: November 1, 2017

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