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Task Force 47, Task Group 47B

Sim Updates

Not many changes to the sim's site at this time. Working on getting the logos set for 47. The Sim is now in TF47 after my resignation as TFCO of 72

Crew Updates

There are no new crew at this time. Most of the crew have been with me for multiple years. The sim is no longer the Flagbase of 72 due to aforementioned resignation. We did promote our former Chief Support Craft Pilot to Lieutenant and moved them into the Dockmaster position, placing them at the head of Station Flight Control.

Story Elements

The Mission title is Sweet Serenity.
The attacks upon the station left hundreds dead and wounded, but none have came out of it unscathed. Even the most battle-hardened people have been affected from the long exposure of terrorism upon their very homes and their safety exploited. The crew have come together and much rebuilding has started to take place, even hints of normalcy are starting to take root it seems.

On the planet Cheron, which Starbase-80 orbits, there is much yet to be explored. The planet's rich history as the final fight between the Romulan Star Empire and the Coalition of Planets, hence ending the Earth-Romulan War. A colony of displaced Bajorans have taken up residence on the planet over 40 years ago. There are abandoned cities upon the surface, and evidence of a great war that seemed to cause extinction through genocide.

The Federation plans on building a new embassy on the planet and the Station is in need of raw materials to help speed up the lengthy repair process. The Bajorans have welcomed the Starfleet members and have offered to help serve as guides and hosts for landing parties that will be consisting of both exploration and scavenging. The planet has an remarkable beauty about it and food and water that comes from the planet all seem to have a unique freshness to it. There are wonders to find, and discoveries that may baffle even the most brilliant.

Other Information

The sim is getting used to me being around more since I now have a lot more time to do so. I have several future stories that I am working on behind the scenes to keep the sim busty for a very long time. The beauty of a Starbase is that there is always something happening and allows the players to really develop their characters, both main and NPC.
I am happy to be back in Task Force 47 after all these years away and in 72. Seems fitting to return to the TF and TG that I started in all those years ago.
Best of luck to 72! I know they are in good hands under General MacTaryn.

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