– September 1, 2017


Task Force 72, Task Force 72 Command

Sim Updates

No major updates. I'm contemplating a new look for the site, but we'll see.

Crew Updates

New: Ens. Benjamin Gates (Tac/Sec Officer)

No one removed or resigned.

Story Elements

Title: "Strange Bedfellows." The Station CO met with some more new arrivals including the Chief Counselor, Chief Diplomatic Officer, and Fighter Detachment CO.

He and a handful of senior officers also traveled by shuttle to the planet's surface where they toured the facilities of the Adalinde Dilithium Group (ADG). Dr. Dante Corwin, the director of the facility, was their host, along with two other employees.

The station itself was beset with some technical problems. Specifically, trouble with the comm system and jammed space doors which caused shipping traffic be delayed. The Chief Engineer and others were right on it.

Sixteen fighters were ferried in to begin filling the station's complement. Soon after landing the officer leading them found out that his few were all he was going to get.

Several other posts are in various stages of completion.

Other Information

Lots of meetings and get-to-know-you posts this month, but they're necessary to set the stage for future events. I expect more dramatic things to start happening soon.

I'm also working out the details in my head for a new recruiting push this next month.

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