U.S.S. Clepsydra – February

U.S.S. Clepsydra – February

Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

General Updates has been at his usual post and tinkering with day-to-day things.

Crew Updates

Masan Rasheen joined us as our Chief of Security & Tactical, poor soul.

Story Elements

Mission Two has started, after the complete mess of the Unicomplex and the missing crew, the Syd were lead to events in 1943. As the Displacement Drive initiated and the ship was mid-jump, it was rocked by explosions. Now, lost in time and the void between galaxies, there are only hours before auxiliary power fails and the crew suffocate.
Teams are in place repairing as much as they can to restore power, repair the hull and determine what exactly happened and where/when they are, but so far nothing has been a success.

Other Information

This mission is designed for crew bonding and feuds, with no amenities and ways of escape, they are forced to interact to solve the problem of death, along with finding out what exactly happened (which the crew do not know!).
Syd is doing well, a nice pace for us and I have a fantastic team that I'm very proud of.



Submitted By: Myrkul Sharr
Posted: February 28, 2018 2:32 pm
Updated: February 28, 2018