U.S.S. Eagle – December ’20

U.S.S. Eagle – December ’20


Sim Updates

The Crew Award went on to the Nova this month, the Discord was expanded and simplified.

Crew Updates


This month the Eagle gained two talented writers.

Lieutenant JG Finchley Kerr - Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant JG T'Prynn - Mission Advisor

Both Officers have jumped in and arranged JP's themselves to settle in. Each created an interesting character Bios and have played their characters very well. I am looking forward to seeing more from both these officers.


Crew Awards

The First person i would like to focus on is that of the Eagles Second Officer.

Captain’s Personal Merit

Lieutenant JG Ethan Brashsince his arrival he has provided much energy to the Eagle, both in character with his crazy red officer and seemingly attached Master Chief Etzel Hannis (NPC). The pair have created a dynamic which I feel earns them this award. Well done Will, you have earned this. Thank you for your energy, understanding and writing skill.


The next Officer I would like to honour is the Eagles Executive Officer.

DeForest Kelley Humor Award

Lieutenant Dr. Elisabet Granger Ph.D MD has always put a lot of humour and thought into their writing. Often brining a smile upon reading. Their portrayal of Lise has me smiling whenever I write a post. This is maybe the first time I have ever given this award in all my times in OF. But I feel that Lise should get this, she has done great. Well Done.


Good Conduct Medal

A few players on the Eagle deserve this award. They have pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and have worked hard. Some of the challenges that they have overcome or are working to overcome have at times been personal. I will not mention these but I hope they will know.

Lieutenant JG

Lieutenant JG Sanok

Lieutenant JG Narisa

Lieutenant JG Finchley Kerr


Thank you, each of you are doing great.



Lastly I would like to make a point of LT, jg T'Prynn, i messaged them and sent them a request to join the Eagle as a Mission Advisor. She wrote up a Bio that i was told point blank (by a fellow player and CO) to approve it right there and then. It is maybe one of the best Bio's i have ever seen. And of course I did. Well done, I am looking forward to writing further with you.

Zefram Cochrane Writing Award

Lieutenant JG T'Prynn




Story Elements

The Eagle is approaching the start of our second mission, which will be marked with the ships arrival at a Cardassian world, a colony that was abandoned and cleansed by the Obsidian Order before the Dominion War. A team will be sent to the colony in the hopes of discovering either a cure for the virus or a mean to make one.

Other Information

Under the fleets standard posting guidelines the Eagle has made 40.1 posts this month meaning that the average post/player stats is: 5.7



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