U.S.S. Eagle – January ’21

U.S.S. Eagle – January ’21


Sim Updates

The Eagle is coming to the end of our second mission. A joint post between my cahracter Ajani Carter and the TFXO, Captain David Hawkins and my new Executive officer and Captain David Hawkins ( two posts) were completed and posted. It was a pleasure to write with him and Its nice to do a mission post between RPGs.

As mentioned above I lost, and gained a XO. The lost XO only stepped down to 3rd Officer and Chief of Sciences. SO no lost player. The XO i gained has already done great things. Lieutenant Skot Ryder has jumped right in and shown he is a good fit for the Eagle, and me.

Crew Updates

No out going players this month.

We have a new Executive Officer, Lieutenant Skot Ryder.

Lieutenant Skot Ryder has been nominated for the Meritorious Newcomer Award, I am pleased to say that he has been granted this award and it is well deserved.

Other awards have not been given this month. Personal reasons got in the way for me this month. Next month will see more crew awards being voted upon, there will also be more effort and direction from me to the command team.


Story Elements

The Eagle has just found the cure for the virus that was killing her Strike Team. Vast amount of data was found and the location of the Pirate Strong hold has been discovered. The Eagle crew are repairing their battle damage from a Pirate own Breen warship.
We are coming to the end of our current mission, our next one will have a heavy focus on Combat and should be written over several posts.

Other Information

5.11 Posts per player. I have a listed crew of 11 however 2 of those are the TFCO and TFXO.



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