USS Alexander – July 2020

USS Alexander – July 2020


Sim Updates

Mission 1 is advancing to the next stage. We've left Starbase-99 and are on our way!

I've made a few minor website changes during the month, adding the discord appp to the site and amending some database entries. Nothing substantial, just ongoing maintenance.

Crew Updates

We've had no new crew, but we're open for applications. Please, let me know!

Story Elements

Nothing major has happened, its all ship-contained issues (who's running flight ops, where's my engineer, etc.) But here's some details...

Mission One - Into the Deep. The Alexander has left SB-99 with the crew and supplies to act as a deep space, mobile Starbase for the sector of space beyond Camp Falkirk known as the Aurellian Belt. The purpose of their mission is exploration, but the shadow of a mysterious and aggressive foe hangs over everything. Will they be able to explore the Aurellian Belt or will the mysterious Pyrryx attack again...

Other Information

15,181 words this month. 6 overall players, of which 4 were active during the period making a 7.59 posts/player metric. Not too shabby. Just need to get those other two players going, or gain some more over the next months.



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Posted: August 1, 2020 4:51 am
Updated: August 1, 2020