USS Andromeda April 20

USS Andromeda April 20


Sim Updates

Set up new category on the manifest of crew personnel to allow for Joint mission. The Merlin crew have created their characters on the Andromeda. I will deactivate once the joint mission is finished and keep it for future missions.

Crew Updates

No new crew.
Positions still open are: Chief Engineering officer, Chief Diplomatic Officer, Chief of Strategic Ops and numerous assistant positions.

Story Elements

The Andromeda arrives at the site of the distress call and finds a planet killer and evidence of its recent consumption of a planet. It does not seem to notice or interact with the Andromeda but sets off in the direction of Starbase 308 and Baku.

Reynolds orders pursuit and sends out a general call for arms realising they cannot beat this thing just them. The USS Europa captained by Vern Keading offers their services after coming to oversee further investigation into the planet Villaneau and having kindly ferried the ships new CMO Dr C'Tora Kuroka to the Andromeda.

Next the Uss Merlin arrives and all the Scientists and engineers get together to brainstorm 3 possibilities that might stand a chance in stopping this monster.

Other Information

Post Count: 18 joint posts (60 Participation).
Playing Characters: 10 and 4 Merlin crew
New Players: 0
Pending Applications: 0



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Posted: April 30, 2020 8:09 pm
Updated: April 30, 2020