USS Andromeda – Aug-19

USS Andromeda – Aug-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

Updated mission notes and opened up the game to the end of the Andromeda’s maiden mission.

Crew Updates

No new crew members this month. CMO left the simm.
Positions still open are: Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Operations, Chief Diplomatic Officer, Chief of Strategic Ops and numerous assistant positions.

Story Elements

After a journey fraught with frightening waking dreams and nightmares, the Andromeda reached the alien object they have been tasked to investigate. Sending a shuttle with just two crew to this huge structure, remotely piloted by the bridge to ensure safety and complete monitoring of vitals, we discovered it was placed by another race that had encountered the “Dark ones” and escaped their destruction and enslavement.
They meant it to be a warning in hopes that others would not fall to these sinister beings and the structure itself was very old. The chief engineer and XO determined it was malfunctioning. A sample was successfully retrieved and brought into they shuttle but the monolith itself literally crumbled to dust immediately afterwards. After successful retrieval of the shuttle and its XO/CEO the Andromeda continues on to its secondary mission objective to deploy a communications relay and begin analysis of the sample.

Meanwhile personal lives onboard the ship begin to entwine and Andromeda’s first pregnancy is underway.

Other Information

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