USS Andromeda – Feb 2020

USS Andromeda – Feb 2020


Sim Updates

No website updates.

Crew Updates

Chief Engineer has been change to Assistant due to activity levels.

No new crew.

Positions still open are: Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineering officer, Chief Diplomatic Officer, Chief of Strategic Ops and numerous assistant positions.

Story Elements

The away team on Villanueva came into contact with the Cetea and found some Orion scientists conducting medical tests. During the away mission the XO was replaced with her MU duplicate version and the Intel Chief Belikov got shot and infected by a virus resulting in her being quarantined upon return to the ship.

The imposter XO proceeded to wreck havoc mostly on the acting CMO Syvar who was seduced and coerced via an agoniser device and on the Second officer which she knocked out and took a sample of his DNA. She also made an attempt to take over the ship but the safeguards put in place by Reynolds and the real Fox allowed this to be foiled by the Andromeda’s excellent bridge crew.

Whilst getting comfortable in her new home the brig, the MU version of Fox managed to manipulate Syvar one last time and revealed she had inpregnanated herself with Datari’s DNA and believe she is pregnant with his child.

Reynolds due to his empathic abilities and security background pieced together things and upon speaking to his acting CMO realised just the extent of the MU Fox’s manipulation and immediately had words with the MU Imposter resulting in removal of Syvars agoniser device and Intel that made his skin crawl.

The are command headaches a plenty as MU Fox reveals that the Cetea are in possession of planet Killer and attempting to make it work.

Other Information

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